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Cartoon of a buffalo.

Buffalo ridge


Welcome TO BUFFALO ridge elementary!

Upcoming Dates

  • 8/22/29 - Thursday, Kindergarten Open House starts at 5:30
  • 8/23/19 - Friday, Whole school Open House 12:00-1:30.  Teachers will be in their classrooms to answer questions and help students prepare for the first day of school.  We hope you can join us!



Please remember to call the office at 771-2595 anytime your child will absent or late for school.  If you have already notified the teacher of the absence, please call the office as well.

There have been many questions regarding attendance letters. 

Attendance Letters will be generated once absences have hit parameters set by our District. 

Parameters: 5 day excused, 5 day unexcused, 10 day absence, 20 day absence, 30 day absence.  Excused absences do accumulate in addition to unexcused absences

(3 tardies = 1 absence)

Cartoon of an attendance checklist with make believe names.

Photo of a teddy bear with a bandage from an injury.                

* Please remember to call the office at 771-2595 anytime your child is absent due to an illness or unexpected appointment.  You may leave a message with the following information:  Your name, your child's name, the date and the reason for the absence.

Graphic of the word "update"

* Emergency Information:  It is very important to keep your child's information updated. If you have any changes to your address, phone numbers or emergency contact please let the office know.

If your child has a morning appointment or will be late to school for any reason, it is important for you to call the office by 8:45AM to ensure that your child gets an opportunity to choose a lunch item.  All orders have to be processed by 8:50AM and we generally do not have any extra meals.  If your student's lunch wasn't pre-ordered, you will need to bring your student a cold lunch from home.

It is important that your child checks in at the office if they arrive after the tardy bell.

Appropriate Weather Attire ......

With Wyoming's ever-changing weather, please ensure you send your kiddos to school with weather appropriate attire.  Our kiddos attend recess outside on a daily basis and we want to keep them protected against Wyoming's weather.

If the temperature or wind chill temperature falls 0 or below, our kiddos will take part in INDOOR recess!

Cartoon showing various winter clothes.

Lunch Account

by Brooke Benton

Buffalo Ridge is striving to be the best it can be in assisting our families.  We thought we would try a system that other schools have successfully used to offer reminders to families.  In an attempt to help parents be aware of low and/or negative lunch balances (as we all know that our little kiddos don't always remember to tell us about needing lunch money).  Your child will be given a reminder slip to bring home.

We hope this will strike up a conversation at home and your kiddo will let you know that money is needed on his or her lunch account :) 

Please check your student's balances or make online payments anytime at our website - you can set up balance reminders through this website as well .... it is a great resource!!

Cartoon of a student with lunch boxes.

Public use of Buffalo Ridge's Playground

  • To ensure the safety of our students and staff, students/public : The playground is open for public use after the last bus leaves Buffalo Ridge at approximately 4:15PM

  • Students/public will be asked to leave our playground until our students are safely dismissed.

We appreciate your understanding and help with this matter!


Buffalo Ridge Info
Buffalo Ridge Info
Liann Brenneman, Principal

Click on Buffalo Ridge on the top link above for online directions to the school.

Office Hours: 8:00AM ~ 4:00PM

Main Office: 307-771-2595
Fax: 307-771-2429

5331 Pineridge Avenue
Cheyenne, WY 82009


9 days ago

Dear Buffalo Ridge Families,

I would like to welcome all of you to the 2019-2020 School Year!  I am excited and honored to be the new principal of Buffalo Ridge Elementary.  I would like to take a moment to share a little bit about myself. I am a Wyoming native who has made this amazing state my home my entire life. Between teaching and administration, I have worked in education for 30 years in Wyoming. I have my EdD from the University of Wyoming, and I am a proud Cowboy.

I am very excited to join the family of Laramie County #1 and the amazing community at Buffalo Ridge. I look forward to getting to know all of you and your children. I am sure that together we will make Buffalo Ridge a place where students love to be.  Learning is a passion of mine, and as a mother of four and a grandmother of six, I value the opportunities schools and learning present for children.

Please feel free to reach out our Buffalo Ridge staff with concerns or complements.

Liann Brenneman Principal

  • Field Day 2019
    Field Day 2019
Health Services
Nurse: Kathleen O'Donnell (M-F 1:00 to 3:45)

Health Services:
School Nurses are the main care-givers in health offices in all district and charter schools. They perform first aid and care for ill children, administer medications, perform health screenings, manage immunization and health records. They are available to answer questions and are able to contact School Registered Nurse Consultant at all times. Health Clerks have taken a health clerk training course and have yearly CPR, First Aid, Medication Administration, and other trainings as needed for specific student health needs.

Office Personnel assist in providing first aid and care for ill children and administer medications.

Throat Culture Tests:
In order for a throat culture to be performed on a student, the student must be in the presence of fever and throat symptoms indicating strep throat. Cultures can only be performed by the School Nurse, other staff members are not able to perform the cultures. The School Nurse’s office hours vary, so if you suspect strep throat – it may be best to see your family doctor.

Ridge Review

10 days ago

Notes from Dr. Brenneman & Staff

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns

For student safety, encourage your student(s) to utilize the crosswalk when crossing the street.

Please drive with additional caution in our school zones.  Watch for kiddos getting out of vehicles or crossing the street.

Sports Schedules 2018.2019

10 days ago

Information coming soon

The information on this page is still last school years.  It will be updated very soon.  If you have any questions please call the school.

Flag Football.

Co-Ed Flag Football

4th, 5th, & 6th Grade

Practice Monday - Thursday @ B. Ridge 3:40-4:40

All Games will be at Miller Field, JV starts at 4:00 with Varsity following completion of JV game



Girl's Volleyball

4th, 5th, & 6th Grade



Girl's Basketball.

Girl's Basketball - begins 10/15

4th, 5th & 6th Grade

Practice M-Th (3:40-4:30)

Parent Meeting - Tuesday 10/16 3:40-4:10

Boy's Basketball.

Boy's Basketball

4th, 5th & 6th Grade



4h, 5th & 6th Grade

New to the Buffalo Ridge Area ?!?!

11 days ago

Cartoon of school supplies in a backpack.

Cartoon of a smart owl and his school books.

First of all, WELCOME to the Buffalo Ridge area!!

If you are new to the Laramie County School District #1, you will need to register your students ONLINE. To register your new students please complete the Online Registration by visiting

Upon completion, stop by the school office during office hours to provide the following documentation:

1.  Proof of Address - Mortgage, Lease or Electric Bill

2. Child's Birth Certificate

3. Child's Immunization Record

If you are already enrolled at another LCSD#1 school just stop by the school office during office hours to provide the following documentation:

1.  Proof of Address - Mortgage, Lease or Electric Bill

2. Child's Birth Certificate

Once we have the documentation we will enroll your kiddo and place him/her into a classroom.  Please keep in mind, that LCSD#1 evaluates enrollment numbers and your kiddo may be forced to another school within the Triad.  Your child will be provided transportation if you are forced to another school.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to give the office staff a call.

We are so excited to have you join us a Buffalo Ridge!!!!

Parent Resources

11 days ago

Commonly Used Forms

* Medication Administration Form: CLICK HERE
* Field Trip Permission Slip: CLICK HERE
* After School Sports Permission Slip: CLICK HERE
school house clip art picture

The PRIDE and GLORY of our students and staff!

11 days ago

PTO Family Fun Night

Thank you to all those families that joined us in the PTO Family FUN Night at the Ice & Events Center.

50th Day of School...

Some of our teachers had fun celebrating the 50th day of school.

Candy Galaxy - Robotics

Congratulations to our Candy Galaxy Team for winning Honorable Mention at this year's Robotics Competition.  Way to go kiddos.

4th Grade ~ Ft. Laramie

Our 4th grade kiddos had the chance to go to Ft. Laramie for a field trip.  They had such a great time be part of this day of fun.

1st Grade STEM Fun

Our first graders had a chance to explore our STEM room and create with our amazing 3D Pens. 

Buffalo Ridge is excited to have these amazing items for our kiddos to learn and indulge in STEM activities.

"Principal" Dean HARD at Work

Our Big Kahuna Fundraiser is in full swing.  Our students have the ability to be picked as "Principal" to assist Mrs. Peeples with the tough tasks of being a principal.

Our luck winner on Monday was Principal Dean.  If he was the full time Principal he would institute specials to include ALL the students from the Grade Level.  AND of course, MORE recess.

Congrats and Thank you Principal Dean for your hard work.

"Principal Quille" 

Our lucky winner on Tuesday was Principal Quille.  She is hard at work, signing the needed papers to accept the role of Principal.  If she could change one thing at Buffalo Ridge, she would change the color of the doors.  Way to go Emma.

"Principal Canaday"

Our lucky winner on Wednesday!

If he could change one thing at Buffalo Ridge....he said he would change NOTHING. 

"Principal Mares"

Our lucky Thursday Winner!

If he could change one thing at Buffalo Ridge, he would have our cafeteria serve Hotdogs instead of chicken nuggets.

"Principal Pelletier"

Friday's lucky winner …. was Principal Pelletier.

His favorite thing about this school would be  the classrooms.  One thing he would like to change see some art paintings up around the school!  However, only the kind Mrs. Mugg really likes :)

We like that idea Principal Pelletier.

"Principal Cusson"

Our final winner....was Principal Cusson.

What I love about Buffalo Ridge is ….. I love our playground at Buffalo RIdge.  Some schools don't have a playground, so I am glad we do. 

Congrats to all of our East High Graduates.

Buffalo Ridge students and staff cheer on the East High Graduates.  We are so proud of your big accomplishments and wish you continued success in the years to come.

Second Grade STEM

Our 2nd graders invited Dan Day from Day Weather to visit with them on their STEM unit about the impacts of weather. 

The kiddos had the opportunity to learn how tornadoes can affect an area of growth and how specifically tornadoes can impact Cheyenne Wyoming.

STEM Projects

Second graders work with their classes on a STEM project.  Plant Investigators,

Step #1: Inquiry

STEM Projects

Our first and second graders are coming together as a partnership to design, develop and present a balance project

We love to read! Our Library is going through a focus of downsizing and our AWESOME District has allowed us to send books home with students.  It warms our hearts to see the kiddos excited about books and reading.




Special surprise

Mrs. Brown received a special surprise from East High School's Mariachi Band.

What a sweet treat to have her son be included in the serenade.

Power Assembly


Buffalo Ridge

The third grade team lead the learning this afternoon for a Power Focus surrounding STEM and friendship.  Buffalo Ridge students used three very different objects; a bow tie pasta, a cotton ball, and a Q-tip to engineer and create a unique vision of what friendship means. Mixed age and grade groups cooperated and collaborated successfully to forge new relationships that bridge classes and grades. 

Buffalo Ridge offered our teachers the opportunity to purchase a book for each of their students to promote reading during the Winter Break.  You can see the delight in each of the kiddos' smiles :)  We love our students!

Spirit Week Fun . . .

Elves made an appearance

Love this creative Ugly Sweater

Mrs. Clark's had a special visitor

Winter Character Day

Ugly Sweater Day

Pajama Day

Kindergarten Holiday Program

Thank you Ms. Fritz for showcasing our Kinder Talent!

We LOVE our Foster Grandparents!!!

We had several staff show their appreciation for our Foster Grandparents.  Kim Mugg and her daughter Lauren enjoyed the festivities during the Foster Grandparents Holiday Appreciation Event this weekend. 

Buffalo Ridge Holiday Program

We are so lucky to have Ms. Fritz as our Music Teacher at Buffalo Ridge.  Each year she raises the bar and brings on one of the best performances around Cheyenne.

Thank you Ms. Fritz for the joy you bring to Buffalo Ridge.


of our AWESOME


We Have



Fourth Graders showing their Talent in Orchestra

United Way Giving

Mrs. Benton participated in the Annual United Way Giving Campaign.  She was the lucky winner of a basket.  She posed with our famous mascot, Rocky.

          Love helping the community!!

United Way Giving

Costume Parade Fun!

1st grade fun, Mummy Dad :)

       Costume Parade fun!

Mrs. Peeples and Trenton are burglars.

Fundraiser Limo Ride & Pizza Party

Mrs. Smith and students.
Mr. Courtney and class

Kinder staff representing

2nd grade stem project.

Our 2nd grade students had fun building structures with candy corn and toothpicks.

Candy Corn FUN!!!

Who knew playing with food could be educational

Check out ROCKY our mascot!!!!

Buffalo Ridge is super excited about our new playground equipment ~ our kiddos love it too!

Welcome Back!

Mrs. Peeples visited each of the classrooms to welcome back our fabulous staff and students.  We are off to another great year!

It is great to be a Buffalo Ridge Buff.

4th Grade - Miss Frontier Visit

4th Grade Ft. Laramie

4th Grade had a great time at Fort Laramie, where they had the opportunity to explore and learn more about the Oregon Trail Wagon Ruts.




Track meet

Congratulations to all of our participants in a job well done during the track meet.  Way to represent Buffalo Ridge!!!!

Thank you to all the Coaches who made this a great event.

Calli representing Buffalo Ridge in the high jump - Congrats on 1st place !!!

Logan flying high over the hurdles.  Awesome job Logan !!!

Girl's relay team!!!

Boy's relay team!!!

Dr. Seuss Week

Our first grade team showed their Dr. Seuss SpIrIt by dressing up as Cat in the Hat, Thing 1 & Thing 2.

The kiddos had such a great time with the themed fun.

Most birds cannot chew their food and owls are no exception. Owls usually swallow their prey whole. However, owls differ from other species of birds because they do not have a crop, the baglike organ used to store food after it has been swallowed so that it can be digested later. In owls, food passes directly from the mouth to the gizzard. The gizzard is an organ that uses digestive fluids and bits of sand and gravel to grind and dissolve all of the usable tissue from the prey.

So 3rd graders..... Lets.....DiG In !!!!

-Carolina Biological Supply Company

PTO Bingo Night

Our students, families and staff came together for some good, classic Bingo FUN!  Many great prizes and snacks were graciously donated by our FaBuLoUs PTO!!  Thank you to all who came for some BINGO fun.

100th Day of School

Several of our staff members agreed to have their picture aged to look 100 - the kiddos had a great time trying to guess who these staff members were.

What great Buffalo Ridge Spirit!!!

Happy 100th Day :)

Collage of staff members.

With these hands I hug my family.....

Check out this great project....Mrs. Hardsocg and Mrs. Essex's 3rd grade classes made these special mementos for their families.  What a great keepsake!! 

Photo of a student with artwork of two red hands.

Buffalo Ridge Holiday Concert

Thank you Ms. Fritz, staff, students and families for making this another performance to remember.

Concert pictures.

Our 1st through 3rd graders doing their you see what I see?  I see a little girl's shoe.  LOL, a dance mishap :)

Concert pictures.

All grades with their final song...this warmed the hearts of all.

Concert pictures.

So precious!!

Concert pictures.

Our 6th graders, final program ....

Group picture of students.

Kinder Program

Students at an assembly.

Awesome job Kiddos!

1st Grade Fun

Students building a White House made of treats.

Cookie Whitehouse Build - Great Job Kiddos!!  It looks Yummy!!!!

Students working on a project ad a table.

Nonfiction reading and writing fun in 1st grade, Mrs. Icenhower's class

Our Principal has SPIRIT, yes she does....she has SPIRIT, how about you?

Principal and various students

The dumping begins!

Students pouring liquid on the principal.

It is getting gooey...

The principal covered in goo.

The YUMMY end :)

Buffalo Ridge students gathered for an assembly as a reward for the great job they did with our Cup Fundraiser.  For their great efforts, several students won the prize of enjoying ice cream with Mrs. Peeples.  Then it became VERY interesting.....those prize winning kiddos got to participate in turning Mrs. Peeples into a giant gooey sundae as the rest of the students cheered them on!!  What great Buffalo SPIRIT Mrs. Peeples has.  The laughter could be heard throughout the school. 

Mrs. Peeples ...... you look yummy!

The pricipal before she got covered in a sundae.

The pricipal looking like an ice cream sundae.

Goo all over her!


Students having fun watching.

Students having fun.

Students having ice cream.

Staff Turkey Bowling Fun

Staff members bowling in one of the hallways with a frozen turkey.

Look at that FORM!!!  Gotta love Mrs. Essex's bowling techniques.

Staff bowling in the hall with a turkey.

Ms. Bailey is going for the STRIKE :)

The principal getting ready to throw a strike.

Rocking the technique Mrs. Peeples.

Bowling with a turkey.

Now...that takes skill Mr. Carroll

Students on a hoverboard in the school.

Students on a hoverboard in the school.

Students on a hoverboard in the school.